pazZzurro's TV Serie Show-Spoof of the 1985 TOEI Animation Company-, Ltd., Japan and Cartoon Network TV Serie Shows, "Dragon Ball". Edit

Cast: Edit

  • Li'l Bee [Thumbelina] as Goku Kid
  • Gnatty [Thumbelina] as Krillin Kid
  • Atta [A Bug's Life] as Bluma
  • Ramin Slim [A Bug's Life] as Yamcha
  • Maggie Peskie [The Buzz on Maggie] as Paur
  • Dim [A Bug's Life] as Oolong
  • Flik [A Bug's Life] as Tien
  • Pupert Peskie [The Buzz on Maggie] as Chaotzu
  • The Butterfly [The Last Unicorn] as Master Roshi
  • Hopper [A Bug's Life] as Master Shen
  • General Mandible [Antz] as King Piccolo
  • Jeff the Spider [The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy] as Dr. Briefs
  • Miss Spider [James and the Giant Peach] as Mrs. Briefs
  • Gypspy Moth [A Bug's Life] as Lauch [Good]
  • Queen Bee [Shinzo] as Lauch [Bad]
  • Dot [A Bug's Life] as Chi Chi Kid
  • Earthworm [A Bug's Life] as Ox King
  • The Caterpillar [Alice in Wonderland (1951)] as Kami
  • Ray [The Princess and the Frog] as Mr. Popo
  • Molt [A Bug's Life] as Emeporer Philaf
  • Scorpion [Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness] as Agent Mai
  • Cri-Kee [Mulan] as Picoolo Jr. [Kid]
  • Mr. Grasshopper [James and the Giant Peach] as Piccolo Jr. [Adult]
  • Barry B. Benson [Bee Movie] as Teen Goku
  • Bouncing Bumble Queen [Jake and the Neverland Pirates] as Teen Chi Chi
  • Mr. Centipede [James and the Giant Peach] as Teen Krillin
  • Giant Snake [The Nightmare Before Christmas] as The Great Ape