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AnimatedFan195's movie-spoof of "Mickey and the Beanstalk" segment of Fun and Fancy Free.


- Mickey Mouse - Flynn Rider (Tangled)
- Donald Duck - Olaf the Snowman (Frozen)
- Goofy - Wreck-It-Ralph
- The Singing Harp - Tinker Bell (Peter Pan)
- Willie the Giant - Wreck-It-Ralph
- Professor Ludwig von Drake as himself
- Herman as himself


  1. Introduction/("My, What a Happy Day")
  2. An Awful Event
  3. Flynn's Magic Beans
  4. A Beanstalk Sprouts
  5. Reaching the Castle
  6. Willie the Giant ("Fee Fi Fo Fum")
  7. ("My Favorite Dream")
  8. The Chase/A Giant Surprise Visit
  9. End Credits


  • The 9th movie-spoof created by AnimatedFan195.
  • It will appeared on YouTube on 08-07-2014.