pazZzurro's Movie-Spoof of the 2016 A Sony Company, Columbia and Animations Studios Sony Rovio Animation Pictures Releasing Films, "The Angry Birds Movie". Edit

Cast: Edit

  • Red - Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • Chuck - Prince Gristle (Trolls)
  • Bomb -  Cooper (Trolls)
  • Matilda - Celia Mae (Monsters, Inc.)
  • Stella - Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • Leonard - Jack O'Lantern (Billy and Mandy's Jacked-Up Halloween)
  • Ross - Evil Wreath (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • Minion Pigs - Maleficent's Goons (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Mighty Eagle - Shrek
  • Girlfriends Birds at the Park - Mrs. Flint (Monsters, Inc.), Mavis (Hotel Transylvania), and Emily (Corpse Bride)
  • Boyfriend Bird in the Tree - Branch (Trolls)
  • Blue Bird Kicking a Soccer - Baby Smitty (Monsters, Inc.)
  • Judge Peckinpah - The Mayor of Halloweentown (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • Young Red - Skeleton Boy (Corpse Bride)